House System – Points

House Points

House Points are given for winning competitions, taking part in extra-curricular activities and most of all working hard in all school activities, as hard work and resilience are key factors in being successful.

Students strive to win as many points as they can, working towards winning the coveted Philosopher’s Stone at the end of the school year (which is given for winning one thousand House Points).

The Governor's Cup

The Governor’s Cup is given out every year in the final Full School Assembly to the house that has won the most house points for that academic year.

Past winners

2020 | Benyon house
2019 | Benyon house

Respect, Hard Work and Progress Cards

Respect, Hard Work and Progress Cards are given out by teachers in lessons, or at break, lunch time or after school, for demonstrating the positive behaviours that go above and beyond expectations.

The cards are worth 5 House Points. To be awarded these House Points you need to go to the House Hub at lunchtime on any day of the week where a Head of House or the Head of Student Engagement will log the marks for you so they are added to yours and the House totals.

The Philosopher's Stone

In ancient mythology it was believed that The Philosopher’s Stone was a legendary substance that could turn lead into gold. It was also considered to be the elixir of life, giving immortality to the person who possessed it. Crucially it is a symbol of perfection and enlightenment. It is the highest goal a student can achieve.

1000 points are needed to achieve The Philosopher’s Stone.

2020 Winners 2019 Winners
  • Megan Lockley
  • Edward Haines
  • Alex Quinnell
  • Harry Quinnell
  • Emily Clifford
  • Lauren Clifford
  • Eddie Riches
  • Charles Whitter
  • James Young

  • Amy Wilkes
  • Louie Napper