Challenge for all

Lifting the Lid / More Able Learners

At Theale Green School we are always developing teaching and learning to raise the aspirations and challenge for all learners. We focus on Lifting the Lid for every learner. This means that learning is meaningful, challenging and purposeful. It makes our students think hard in every curriculum area and develop the deep knowledge and skills to equip them to succeed. We strive to ensure that students think hard through effective questioning and learning experiences.

The Lifting the Lid strategy enables teachers to be aware of all learners needs and lessons are planned to support every student. The emphasis of the strategy is on high quality questioning, differentiation and challenge in the classroom. This means that there is no ceiling for our learners and that every student can go above and beyond. We aim to ensure that every student, every lesson, every day will experience this high quality teaching and learning.

We also support our students at each key transition stage, during the GCSE option process and Sixth Form process by offering supportive interviews to match our students’ choices to their aspirations, talents and abilities. A dedicated more able coordinator in the school also means that every learner has someone who can offer advice and turn to. We aim to enable our more able learners to have unique and deep enrichment opportunities.

We also want our students to have enrichment opportunities to help Lift the Lid. Through our school values of respect, hard work and progress, we enable the best experience and opportunities for our learners. The wide range of subjects offered across the school, extra-curricular clubs and events, House competitions and outdoor learning chances means that all learners are able to truly succeed and excel at Theale Green School.

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