At Theale Green School, we always encourage students to use their voice and creativity to express themselves, their feelings and concerns. Our English department is animating all years’ students to participate in Poetry Escape 2019, running until 15 February.

This national competition has a clear aim: to support young writers to enjoy poetry and creative writing, providing them with a platform to express their thoughts. To participate, students can submit one poem for entry and they are free to choose their topic. Our younger students will have the opportunity to do this in lessons next week. Our English teachers are excited with this great opportunity and very happy to help.

Joanne Pudan, Head of English, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to have a voice and let the world know what matters to them! I am delighted that this project has been embraced by so many of our students”.

At a national level, the top five student poets will win £100 each, as well as schools being able to win prizes as a collective. At Theale Green School, instead, we will be promoting some of our students’ best pieces of work on social media!