Pupils performed their take on Homer’s Odyssey this week in considerably Greek holiday style weather!

The sun shone and audiences gave a very warm response the show, which was performed at the glorious open-air Greek theatre, affectionately known as the Bradfield ‘Greeker’.

Homer’s epic poem follows the Greek hero Odysseus, King of Ithaca, and his journey home after the Trojan War. After ten years of war, his journey home lasts for another ten years, during which time he wrestles with the man he has become.

The cast performed the comedy with huge amounts of energy and passion. Audiences were impressed by the incredible teamwork and ensemble playing from the cast, seeing them form ships, Trojan horses, whirlpools and battles scenes using only their acting prowess.

The play was performed four times, twice to a public audience and twice to a school audience. Students from Bradfield Primary and Woolhampton joined in the fun on Tuesday 5 July at the Greeker. The next day TBS took the play to Calcot Junior, where it formed part of their exciting Jubilee celebrations.

Audience members complimented the cast on their energy, teamwork, recall and sense of fun.

We look forward to what they create next year!