The food rooms were in full flow last week with a mixture of savoury and sweet dishes leaving the kitchen. We hope some of them got home for parents to try!

Year 8 made a variety of cheesecakes and experimented with different flavours. Chocolate was again a very popular option alongside Oreo. Students enjoyed the opportunity to work on the presentation of their cheesecake and we had fun holding the bowls of cream over our heads to see if they were thick enough. Mrs Cartland was pleased to leave the lesson without being covered in cream, as all students had mastered medium peaks.

Year 7 had an opportunity to remember their kneading skills from Summer School as they made scones this week. Sweet remain the most popular across Year 7. It was brilliant to see students master the thickness of their dough to achieve a well risen scone, ready for filling with jam and cream.

Year 9 explored cultural cooking making chicken chow mien including their own sauce made from ketchup, water, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Students master multi tasking in the kitchen as they prepped ingredients, boiled their noodles, made their sauce and cooked their chicken. It has been brilliant to hear that some students have gone home to cook this for their family. Year 9 have also been showing lots of interest in our new Hospitality and Catering course.

Keep cooking….. a massive well done to all!