The Theale Green School House Performance has been won by a team from House Hunt with their adaptation of Fantastic Mr. Fox. 

The competition between the four houses tasked each to adapt one of Roald Dahl’s stories into stage performance 

This year’s choices included The Witches performed by House Benyon, Fantastic Mr. Fox performed by House Hunt, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by House Piper and James and the Giant Peach performed by House Scott. 

Judges focused on the acting and dance sequences within the performancesas well as the quality of the designed and printed programmes. After a close voting processHouse Hunt emerged the victors. 

Lead Practitioner and teacher of drama, Chris Lambert, said: House Performance is an excellent opportunity to bring our school community together, it celebrates the talents of our students and gives them the opportunity to explore what it is to work professionally, as they have to organise rehearsals, source props and costumes, write scripts, direct and keep to deadlines. 

He added: “All of our competitions are celebrations of the school, our students and our shared values of hard work and respect for each other. The process of creating and planning the show gives our students the ability to progress towards an exciting final performance.