A live audience watched the House performances.

A live audience was warmly welcomed back into the School Hall for our first event of the year on Thursday, October 14, when the students performed House Music.

Last year the students sent in a recording of a song or tune they performed which we shared in tutor. This year we were able to see the students live on stage sharing their amazing skills and creativity!

Students performed in four categories that were ‘devilishly close’ in terms of musicality and expression.

Winning cakes made by Benyon House Captain Dylan Wilkes.

Coming first in the solo category Lucy Gardiner (Scott House) moved the audience with her rendition of When we were Young. Following this Lewis Bull (Piper) took first place with his interpretation of the theme from Amelie.

After the interval we were hugely entertained by the rap of Min Toon (Hunt), the guitar looping skills of Alfie Hopcroft (Piper) and the electronica wizard Alistair Cox (Benyon) skilfully playing his way into first place. Finally we were entertained by some brilliant bands with the rock and roll stylings of Benyon’s Amy Wilkes, Tvishaa Dasgupta and Tamara Jovanova taking the crown.

Benyon House, winners 2021, with Head of House Mr Neill.

The scores overall were as follows:

1st place – Benyon House (1,000 points)

2nd place – Piper House (750 points)

3rd place – Scott House (500 points)

4th place – Hunt House (250 points

We are greatly looking forward to the House performance on Wednesday January 26. See you there!