Studying from home can seem a little daunting, especially as being at home is seen as your place of rest. In order to effectively study from home, you need to change things around a little and get into a frame of mind where you are ready to work and feel comfortable to do so.

Set up your space 

Before you can start working it’s important to set up your working space the night before. Pick a quiet space where you can work without disruption and with the door shut. There are no specific guidelines as to what space works best but we recommend not working from your bed or the sofa as these spaces confuse your brain into thinking it’s relaxing and can lead to problems sleeping.

Start your day on time 

Setting an alarm the night before, cleaning yourself in the morning, getting dressed and eating breakfast will all form the puzzle of what you would usually do on your morning routine as if you were leaving the house. You want to avoid the trap of sleeping in longer, not showering, not getting ready as this won’t wake your brain up. Give yourself around an hour before starting in the morning to get prepared and use the remaining time (what would usually be your journey to school) to ease into the day. Try to avoid social media first thing in the morning especially with the amount of media that is circulating at the moment as it can cause panic and induce anxiety.

Make a list 

Have a physical or digital list either on a notepad or on your phone/tablet. Setting up a schedule first thing in the morning will give you goals for the day and will motivate you to achieve these. Make sure you list all you need to achieve each day but make sure these goals are realistic. Write down your three top priorities for the day, what do you want to achieve by the end of the day and how will you go about making sure this will happen? This will help get you back on track if you find yourself getting lost. Stick to your timetables and know when you’re starting and when you’re finishing, as this will help structure your day.

Take breaks often 

It’s very important to take breaks throughout the day, this could be the same times as your breaks when at school. In these breaks try and relax and disconnect; make a meal from scratch, draw something, go for a walk on your own or call a friend. Whatever works best for you to disconnect and recharge, do that!

Don’t go ‘home’ in the middle of the day  

Whilst it is tempting to go back into your home life, you must remember your schedule and not get carried away with being at home. Stick to your schedule because as soon as you lose your focus, it’s difficult to get back into being productive. If you need any support while at home, please contact your tutor or a member of the safeguarding team.

How do I work from home? 

It is important that you continue communicating with your tutor over the next couple of weeks and make sure that you familiarise yourself with your online learning environment and how to access your work. Be sure to provide your tutor with your most up-to-date contact details so we can stay in touch with you.