Rasha Jomaa, Science Co-ordinator at TGS, shares her story on International Women’s Day (March 8).

“Having studied in a girls’ school, I was not prepared for the shock of university – finding myself one of the only girls in a cohort of over 100 physics undergraduates. I can’t say I wasn’t warned – even my A level physics teacher was unsure as to why I was interested in astrophysics, after all, I was a girl. But it only ever made me more determined.

“I think my first moment of genuine pride was when I was up against 5 other male students for an internship position at a plasma technology firm. I got the place. I never thought my career path would lead me to teaching, but during my own education, I was continuously shocked at the gender imbalance especially apparent in Physics.

“Throughout my whole life I’ve learnt that I did not choose my genetics or circumstances, but I do choose what I do with what I am given.

“And I choose to do everything I can to try and help break the bias – encouraging more girls into STEM subjects!”