During the National Lockdown, we offered students the opportunity to take some time away from their screens and complete a number of enrichment challenges.

Every week a new menu of challenges was sent out, and students and parents would send photos, videos and other evidence to their Head of House to be rewarded for their achievements of completing the challenge.

The new Year 12 House Captains also got in on the action and created a range of secret challenges just for their House, including activities such as:

  • Making a Lion Bar
  • House Name Challenge
  • Tower Building
  • Upcycling
  • Dragon Egg Cupcakes

I have to say we were all blown away by the amazing range of things that students sent in. Here are what our Heads of House had to say:

​Benyon House – Mr Neill

I have been so impressed with the creativity of Benyon students in their enrichment tasks. It seems that there has been quite a lot of baking going on, which has fortunately been offset by an equally impressive amount of exercise!

Hunt House – Mrs Kingston

It has been fantastic to see so many students embracing enrichment time and practising and perfecting lots of different skills. Baking has definitely been a popular choice, along with lots of physical activity and creative writing thrown in for good measure. The quality of the activities submitted has been fantastic and I am so proud of students’ efforts and achievements during this lockdown period. I know so many have valued enrichment time to take a break from laptops and develop their creative skills. Well done to all of you for the time and dedication you have put into these activities.

Piper House – Miss Porter

I have been made to feel very hungry with your amazing cookery skills (!), and I have been blown away by your enthusiasm in completing as many different challenges as possible. It was fantastic to see so many Piper students doing the House Captain Secret Challenges and you have been awesome at getting those miles in for the Around the World Challenge. Piper students continue to be an inspiration to me with their passion and drive to win the Governor’s Cup.

Scott House – Mr Upton

It’s been great to see so much effort and commitment from all of you when it comes to going above and beyond, or even just using the things you do every day. You all have fantastic skills that you can already use and I’m really passionate now about getting to know you all better and learn about your skills and interests. Please use this opportunity to bring your hobbies into your learning. I have seen everything from floral patterns, to models and lots of cooking. Well done!

Even though lockdown is easing, and the students are returning to school, we would still like to encourage students to expand their skills and remind them that there are still plenty of ways in which they can support their House:

  • Around the World Challenge – keep sending in your miles every Friday to stepchallenge@thealegreen.w-berks.sch.uk
  • House Performance – send your Head of House your movie scene by Friday 12th March
  • Science Week Enrichment Challenges and Competitions
  • Showing the school values of Hard work, Respect and Progress in your lessons

Well done Theale Green students!