‘Books crowbar the world open for you. They tell you things you didn’t know you didn’t know, and show you how vast and bold and beautiful and difficult and strange the world is.’ – Katherine Rundell

At Theale Green School we know that reading is a fundamental skill which establishes a love of learning, and encourages a curiosity of mind in our young people. We know that for some students, reading can be a barrier to accessing the curriculum which is why we have invested hugely to improve all students’ reading skills. 

Throughout students’ time at Theale Green School, we capitalise on all opportunities to embed and nourish a love of reading for pleasure. Staff and students alike believe that reading is both a joy and a fundamental life skill, allowing us all to improve our understanding of the world we live in.

During tutor time, students start their reading journey, reading a text from the Theale Green Canon alongside their tutor and their peers. These texts are chosen to broaden students’ horizons, encouraging them to engage with topical texts often set in worlds and scenarios far detached from their own. By sharing reading in this manner, staff and students generate a dialogue about the issues that arise, communicating their individual viewpoints which, in turn, challenges us all to see things differently.

This love of reading is furthered through students’ Learning Resource Centre (LRC) lessons. During this time, students undertake the Accelerated Reader programme which helps students to select suitable books for their age range, ability and interests and then celebrates their success once books are completed. The delivery of these lessons allows students to enjoy the setting of our impressively stocked LRC which provides a huge range of both fiction and non-fiction books. This range of texts supports the whole school Reading Challenge where students aim to earn different coloured ‘belts’ for reading widely.