World Book Day Challenges

  Activity Suitable for
Recreate a scene from a book

Using puppets or Lego recreate a scene from a book.

All year groups.
Story writing competition

Write a story with just 200 words using the starting sentence, “The air turned black all around me.”

All year groups.
Cover up

Create your own cover for a book. You will need to add a cover illustration, a blurb and you could even put on your personal recommendation.

All year groups.
Dress Up

Get dressed up as a character and send a photo of yourself to your Head of House. 

All year groups.
Host a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Make yourself a Mad Hatter style hat out of newspaper and cardboard.

All year groups.
Draw a character from a book

Have a go at drawing your favourite character from a book and label it with quotations.

All year groups.
Blackout Poetry

Create original poetry by taking away words! Blackout poetry is created using old book pages. Pick out the words you want to keep, then blackout all the others using a marker pen.

All year groups.
A-Z Characters

Can you create a list of characters from books using each letter in the alphabet?

All year groups.
Origami Bookmark

Create an origami bookmark. Can you decorate it to represent your House Mascot?


All year groups.

Cooking Challenge

  Activity   Suitable for


Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Cake

Have a go at making Bruce Bogtrotter’s cake from Roald Dahl’s, Matilda.

All year groups.
Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea

How about baking some delicious scones that could be served at the Mad Hatters Tea Party?

All year groups.
Turkish Delight from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

This treat is Edmund’s pick when the White Witch gives him the choice of having any food he can think of! Use this recipe to make your own Turkish delight.

All year groups.