Theale Green School are delighted to announce that they have won second place in the Poetry Escape 2020 competition, competing against over a thousand schools, and winning £500 for the school.  

The national competition, hosted by the Young Writers’ Association, is designed to inspire students to express themselves through poetry, to provide them with a platform to voice their opinions, thoughts and feelings, to break down barriers, destroy stereotypes and liberate their creativity’.    

Theale Green pupils were given the opportunity to enhance their creative writing skills by writing a poem, on a topic of their own choice and with the support of the English Department staff.  

As well as getting involved in discussions and sharing of ideas, they were also able to revisit poetic devices and types of poems, along with resources supplied from the Young Writers 

Former Executive Head of English, Mrs Pudan, said: “It is a fantastic achievement for our English students and the teaching team. It’s great to see our young poets being recognised for their talents. So proud of them all!” 

Ms Bevan, Head of English at Theale Green School, said: “We’re incredibly proud of all the students who contributed to the Poetry Escape competition that has led to winning this prize. 

They worked tirelessly to craft their independent work and used this as an opportunity to express their opinions on a range of topics that were important to them.”