During term three, the staff at Theale Green School took on an inter-house step challenge, with the aim being to complete as many steps as possible over the course of four weeks.

The staff from the four Houses battled against each other to get the highest amount of steps and be crowned the challenge champions. The main purpose of the challenge was to increase staff mental and physical wellbeing throughout the lockdown period.

The launch of the challenge came at a good time, with staff spending hours indoors at their screens, and the dark cold days of winter.

As an House challenge, it soon became very competitive with Mr Neil (Head of Benyon House) even saying he would wax his legs if Benyon won! All Heads of Houses tried their best to encourage staff to complete as many steps as possible and staff certainly embraced the challenge with extremely high levels of staff engagement throughout.

Each week Houses managed to improve on the previous weeks’ totals which made for a very close and interesting competition, come the very muddy final week!

The competition results are as follows…

  • 1st– Benyon- 3,416,473 steps
  • 2nd– Hunt- 3,212,971 steps
  • 3rd– Piper- 2,087,257 steps
  • 4th– Scott- 1,236, 212 steps

The total distances walked over the four weeks:

  • Benyon House – 1,708 miles (equivalent to the distance from Theale Green School to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands)
  • Hunt House – 1, 606 miles (equivalent to the distance from Theale Green School to Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Piper House – 1, 044 miles (equivalent to the distance from Theale Green School to Napoli, Italy)
  • Scott House – 618 miles (Equivalent to the distance from Theale Green School to Berlin, Germany)

Benyon House were the overall winners, followed very closely by Hunt House, with the competition being fierce right until the very end!

Altogether Theale Green School staff walked a very impressive 4,976 miles, which is the equivalent to walking from Theale Green School to Sri Lanka over the four-week challenge, which is incredible!

So many staff worked so hard to walk, run and hike – anything to increase their steps and it really shows in those distances recorded.

Each week staff sent in pictures from their walks and adventures which made for great viewing. Here are some of the staff enjoying the great outdoors!