TGS has launched a campaign to raise £2,500 to create a beautiful wellbeing garden, initially for students and staff, but with the potential to open the space to the wider community. It is hoped the garden will be ready at the end of the summer holidays.

Work has already begun clearing the site, which former pupils will recognise as the old swimming pool site, largely by the school gardening club. But now more investment is needed to pay for significant grounds works (clearance and building), seating, materials and equipment. Donations of gardening equipment in good condition are also sought.

The ultimate goal is to create a peaceful space that engages all of the senses, using plants and sounds to soothe the mind; provide comfortable seating for relaxation which helps create a feeling of being away from the world.

The school is working with LetsLocalise, a fantastic social initiative that connects schools with their communities, to help raise the much-needed funds and resources.

Anyone wishing to donate needs to first sign up to the LetsLocalise easy-to-use digital platform –

Details on the campaign can be found in two parts, where cash and equipment donations can be pledged:


Equipment donations:

TGS thanks anyone in advance for their kind donations to a project it hopes that hundreds of children and adults will benefit from over time.

The journey so far…

Emily Woolley is part of the Gardening Club and tells us about the garden’s progress

“When I first signed up for gardening club, I didn’t know the hard work that it would entail. Luckily, a good group of fellow students also signed up to this important project led by a vision from Mr Wilson. 

“When I first saw the garden, I felt daunted and overwhelmed at the state of it. How were we ever going to make this into a nice place?

“Our first step was digging lots of mud away so that we could even step into the garden. We then faced one of the many hurdles to come: The British weather – specifically the rain. To solve this, we had to clear out a shed for shelter, which was knee deep in junk.    

“So far, we have done litter picking, spray painted the shed, made a passage using trees as a grand entrance and planted seeds and daffodils (which are currently blooming). We are also in the process of creating steps.  

“It’s an ongoing project, which we are extremely proud of. We’ve learned about hard work, patience, and teamwork. 

“The aim of this project is to provide a lovely space that will support the wellbeing of the students and staff by letting them reflect, relax, talk to their friends, and enjoy themselves through connecting with nature.”