On Friday 19 October, Year 7 students took part in a morning of team building activities, to help them to get to know other members of the year better, as well as the tutors.

Before the challenges commenced, the morning kicked off with a praise assembly from the Heads of House, discussing how to achieve awards throughout the year, how to contribute to the house system and a focus on the importance of respect, progress and hard work.

The Heads of House thanked the Year 7’s for their hard work so far, and discussed some of the fantastic work that had taken place during the last term. Year 7’s were then treated to a brilliant live music performance by fellow students Kirsty and Lucy, who got up to sing Say Something by the band, A Great Big World.

The assembly was shortly followed by an awards ceremony, with students from each House winning awards for extra-curricular, learning inside the classroom – including maths, English, science, languages and drama, and top two overall achievers. Well done to all students for their fantastic achievements.

The team building challenges then began, with Year 7’s splitting themselves into their tutor groups. The activities included ordering themselves by name alphabetically, in a line in the fastest time, ordering themselves by date of birth and then by height order. The quickest team won the challenge!

Teams were then challenged to pass a hoola hoop in the quickest time down the line, with the hoop going all the way up their arm and over their body, without hitting the floor between students passing over. With students and teachers becoming fiercely competitive, the morning saw great fun had by all!

Here are what the students had to say about the day:

“In team-building I enjoyed working with others who I wouldn’t normally pick.” Brooke, 7-1

“I enjoyed all of the competitive spirit coming from 7-1, 7-2 and 7-3. I have learned that teamwork is key to everything and I wouldn’t have changed anything, it was great!” James, 7-2

“I had fun because it has made us closer as a tutor class. We definitely feel more comfortable as a class. It’s made us bond together. I enjoyed the hoop game and the other ones. I could improve nothing because it was amazing.” Tamara, 7-3