A Well School

Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Theale Green School we believe in the power of a Well School. 

Why? Transforming Lives Through Learning

Using the ALET Learning Philosophy as our foundation, our aim is that students who leave Theale Green School will go on to their next aspirational destination with a broad range of qualifications and real conviction in their self-worth. We also aim for the adults who work at Theale Green School to thrive in an environment which is energised, confident and optimistic, knowing that they are valued as individuals.​

  • By ensuring that we all (staff and students) prioritise our well-being, we ensure that we have a well led school​
  • By ensuring that we provide rich experiences and recognition for effort, we ensure that aspiration develops within our students​
  • By ensuring that we provide our robust and creative ACES curriculum (along with it’s broader offer) full of opportunities for feedback and success, we ensure that our students develop a strong sense of self-belief​

We believe that aspiration and self-belief builds intrinsic motivation which is the foundation for resilience, self-regulation and independence, which leads us back to the “Why?” and our aim.​

Image courtesy of Youth Sport Trust https://www.youthsporttrust.org

All staff and students in school should prioritise their well-being

Students need a wide range of experiences that will prepare them for life after school and enrich their school experience

Students need a wide range of skills and knowledge to prepare them for today’s and the future’s workplace

Image adapted from Leadership Matters with kind permission from Andy Buck, CEO

All Staff and Students in School should prioritise their well-being


  • ALET Well-Being Group​
  • Employee Assistance Programme (Health Assured)​
  • Well Being competitions​
  • Staff–led CPD programme​
  • Pedagogical Principles – “The Theale Green Way”​
  • 7 INSET Days*​
  • Culture Surveys / Gallup Surveys​
  • Honest conversations​
  • Fun & Laughter​
  • Directed Time (<)​
  • Trust Network​
  • Leadership Matters Coaching Programme​
  • Networks – Local and National​
  • Engaging in wider life​
  • Gym Access​
  • MHFA


  • Health and Well Being Faculty
  • Student Council (Body)
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
  • Wide Student Voice
  • Therapeutic Model
  • Berkshire Youth
  • EBSA approach to attendance
  • ELSA Support
  • Pastoral Support
  • Culture of Inclusion
  • Youth Sport Trust
  • West Berkshire networks
  • Kooth
  • Safeguarding
  • Tutoring Programme
  • Restorative Practices
  • PSHE/SRE Curriculum

Students need a wide range of experiences that will prepare them for life after school and enrich their school experience

House system, Extra Curricular opportunity, social and cultural capital 

  • Arts 
  • Literature 
  • Duke of Edinburgh 
  • Theale Sailing Club 
  • Representative Sport 
  • Clubs 
  • Performance (in house/touring) 
  • Community 
  • Transition programme (from Yr4>) 
  • Extra-Curricular Map (Events, Trips, Visits) 
  • TGS Radio

Leadership Opportunities 

  • Head of School 
  • Sports Captains 
  • House Captains 
  • Young Leaders 
  • Sport Leadership Academy 
  • Whole School Ambassadors 
  • School Council (Individual) 

    Students need a wide range of skills and knowledge to prepare them for today’s and the future’s workplace

    ACES Curriculum and the broader offer 

        • Local Business / Employer Support 
        • Careers programme 
        • SPARK 
        • PeaceChild 
        • GreenWing Coaching 
        • KS3 Scholars 
        • Sixth Form Crew 
        • Work experience 
        • Alumni 
        • SEND Strategy 
        • SEND Advocates 
        • T&L Strategy 
        • Transforming Lives Group  
        • Character Curriculum 
        • Performance experience