Transforming lives through learning


To ‘transform lives through learning’ by igniting confidence, expanding opportunities, energising the community and generating prosperity. Through our Learning Philosophy and core values of empowerment, enterprise, connectedness and transformation, we will provide our students and staff with a safe and supportive environment in which to thrive.


Empowerment, enterprise, connectedness and transformation

Ethos & Values

Theale Green School Mission

At Theale Green School, we believe that aspiration is the preserve of every young person and destinations should never be limited based on historical experience. We all adhere to the principle that developing our talents, valuing our education and achievements, expanding our cultural horizons and respecting others, will prepare us for contributing well to our society.

We value a close working relationship with both parents, whose feedback is important to us, and with our broader community whose support is highly appreciated. We know, and are grateful, that the community has much to offer us, and we aim to offer much in return. We are privileged that our school sits at the heart of a community which supports the success of it’s young people without exception. By then prioritising the quality of teaching and learning, relationships, behaviour and aspirations, we achieve our Mission.

Our Mission:
Theale Green School is the School of choice for our community.

Our Values of:

  • Progress – we welcome challenges and persist when work is hard
  • Hard work – we make effort and a good impression in the workplace
  • Respect – we are polite and respectful to everyone, central to every conversation and interaction at Theale Green School.