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Welcome to The Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre

Theale Green’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is a vibrant place of learning which offers a relaxed and constructive learning environment for the whole school to enjoy. The LRC is open to students every school day, including break and lunchtime. Students have the opportunity to get involved in book groups, reading games, library fun activities and become School Library Helpers.

The Learning Resource Centre offers a wealth of information for students to access. It houses a large collection of fiction books which include teen fiction, young adult, quick reads, manga and graphic novels. There is also a wide variety of non-fiction books, along with 21 computers which are used for homework, research projects and to support the Accelerated Reader Programme.


Accelerated Reader Programme

The LRC works closely with the English Department to support students learning and promote independent reading progress.

Students in Year 7, 8 & 9 are encouraged to read books through the Accelerated Reader Programme, which matches students with books and articles aligned to their unique interest and reading levels. This programme, together with regular LRC reading lessons, motivates students to make progress with their reading skills whilst developing a love of reading.

The Accelerated Reader Programme is available on all computers in the LRC. It can be accessed at home by visiting:

Sixth Form

Students in the Sixth Form are supported by the LRC in developing their research skills through a programme of Information Literacy classes designed to help them become independent learners and to assist with their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) studies. Each year the LRC organises a Sixth Form Question Time Event. This is a dynamic and engaging event, which gives the students a voice on matters that concern them. Sixth Form students also have access to the computers and resources for quiet work during independent study periods.


LRC Events

Throughout the school year the LRC holds an array of different events – author visits, poet workshops, guest speakers and an annual book fair. Theale Green participates in the annual Carnegie Conference with students from other Berkshire schools.