Teaching and Learning – The Theale Green Way

High quality teaching and learning is the Theale Green way. Our teaching and learning strategy is underpinned by a coherent and aspirational curriculum for the school and each subject. We are proud of our strategy and the high quality teaching and learning that takes place at Theale Green School.

What is Theale Green School’s Teaching and Learning Strategy?

Our teaching and learning strategy is based on the guiding principles outlined in The MARGE Strategy. The strategy is for every key stage and every subject at Theale Green School. This strategy, combined with our strong and aspirational curriculum, does enable lessons at Theale Green School to be high quality and impactful on learners.  The strategy is firmly rooted in scientific and academic research and enables us to have a strong teaching and learning pedagogy for Theale Green School.

What is the MARGE Strategy? How does it support high quality Teaching and Learning?

The MARGE strategy is presented and researched by Professor Arthur Shimamura.  It is founded in cognitive science and gives a foundation for lessons that ensure progress and challenge.  The strategy focuses lessons on the whole brain and means that Theale Green lessons motivate learners, help learners attend to their knowledge and understand their learning and its importance, generate their own ideas through thinking hard and understand their learning through evaluation.  We also ensure that lessons have engaging and thought provoking Do It Now tasks, and that assessment is interleaved and spaced.  Through continual professional development, teaching and support staff, are engaging with the academic research and continue to develop strategies to support high quality MARGE lessons. Staff are proud of the professional development that they undertake and embed into their lessons. As part of this professional development, teaching staff are exploring and developing their practice by engaging in the Rosenshine Principles of Instruction. These principles support our teaching and learning strategy and help provide the tools and scaffolding for strong teaching and learning at Theale Green School.

We support challenge in the classroom, through our Thinking Hard and Lifting the Lid strategies, and this ensure that our more able learners are stretched and supported to reach their high aspirations and expectations. To find out more about how challenge works within the classroom, and for some specific examples from our languages department,

please watch the following Parent Workshop on Challenge.

We are constantly transforming the lives of our students and this is well evidenced in the destinations that our young people go onto – click here for more about their destinations. We are proud of the work and outcomes that our students achieve.