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Train to teach at Theale Green School

Welcome to the Two Counties Teacher Training Partnership, which comprises of Little Heath SchoolProspect SchoolThe Hurst Community CollegeTheale GreenThe WrenDenefield School  and The Willink.  2 Counties works alongside the University of Reading in providing teacher training; this is a very well established alliance that is strong and successful.

As a Partnership we pride ourselves on our teaching and the strength of our Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programme.  We have many years of experience in mentoring trainee teachers with our dedicated coordinators and mentors who are supported by strong Leadership teams.  Successful School Direct trainees will be largely based in one school (most often the one of their choice) with the added benefit of regularly meeting other trainees across the Partnership.  Trainees also have a shorter placement in our variety of different educational settings in order to broaden their teaching experience yet further.

All of our schools are within a relatively small geographical area to the west and south-west of Reading; if you are keen to have some control over where you are based for your school experience then the School Direct route through us is ideal for you.  

Many successful 2 Counties trainees continue as members of staff at our schools after their ITT year has been completed; quality support continues through their first two years as Early Career Teachers and beyond as their careers progress.  Please do be aware that due to the nature of staffing in schools, we cannot guarantee a post will be available with 2 Counties schools on completion of your training.

Our trainees will spend the majority of the school year based in one main school with a 5/6 week 2nd school placement at the beginning of the Spring term.  Training will be led by experienced staff in each school and will involve meetings, workshops and other activities.  Being based in a school, our trainees will quickly come to appreciate the nature of teaching and learning in the workplace and will see how to put theory into practice every day. The University based training days support the school-led programme and give trainees the opportunity to learn from the experience and enquiry of others in the Reading Partnership.  The ITT programme is designed to build confidence and subject knowledge and equip a trainee teacher with the skills necessary to becoming an effective classroom practitioner. Throughout the training, support will be provided by a well-trained mentor in school as well as the University.


For further information about our SD programme and the opportunity to gain some school-based experience please contact:

Theale Green School

Sarah Page

Prospect School

Sonia Edwards

The Hurst Community College

Laura Billingham

Denefield School

Lee Simpson

Little Heath School

Charlotte Jones

The Willink School

Anne Lean

The Wren School

Bessie O’Brien

Upcoming Virtual Train to Teach information sessions

  • 20th October 2021
  • 12th January 2022
  • 9th March 2022

Any questions?

For more information please contact us at:

Or 0118 930 2741 and ask for Sarah Page.


School Direct is a one-year programme that enables aspiring teachers to train full-time in schools.  To find out more please go to the following websites:

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